Adventures with Flat Bob

“What are you thinking for dinner tonight? I’m thinking taco salad.”

“I think I’m going to make lemon chicken” he says.

“Oh, I just had that and have been eating it for lunch the last 2 days.” She started pulling out ground chicken, onion and the makings for taco salad and he was starting to slice lemon and put it in a ziploc with his chicken.

“I’m opening a cab” she said. “It’s been a long week.”

He reminded her that it was only Tuesday.

“Well you don’t have to have any Mr. Tuesday” she smirked knowing full well he would have a glass or two himself. She was pouring her glass and looked over just as he was uncorking his bottle.

She sat down on the couch with her glass and bowl of taco salad looking at the options popping up on the cable guide without anything to pique her interest. Looking at their Netflix queue there were six different options in Continue Watching with only one of those being her binge choice of the month. Occasionally they will watch a movie together, but their series preferences were night and day different. Isn’t he too mature to find Archer so funny?

The West Wing theme song started playing and he sat down with his plate and glass of zin and said “I love that you have that as your unwind show.” They had binged it together one winter with several cribbage battles and enough glasses of wine to fill a few barrels. He had never watched the series and it was a favorite of hers from a time in her life that escape through TV was necessary for sanity.

His loud chuckling over some Archer silliness shakes her out of the emotion Josh is feeling when he realizes Donna was in a vehicle that was bombed in Gaza. “Seriously?!? Is it THAT funny?”

She takes the break in her Josh and Donna drama to do the dishes and put some leftovers in containers for lunch tomorrow. His chuckling can be heard all the way in the kitchen and even with her rolling eyes his laughter makes her giggle a bit and she’s glad he has the escape in his day. It doesn’t seem like the night to go over finances so a little more wine in her glass and she heads back to the bedroom to finish her show while she folds laundry.

“Why don’t you just sit down?”

“Well this laundry isn’t going to fold itself.” He starts tossing a ball to the dog and before he goes back to Archer world they quickly re-hash each others work day events which were barely a step above non-eventful. Kids good? Yeah, yeah. Did the mowing service show up? Yes, all good. Typical blah blah yadda yadda yadda of a Tuesday.

The laptop sits on the dresser as she finishes putting the laundry away and starts to get ready for bed. She’s thinking that she doesn’t remember wishing that we had a President Bartlet as much the first time she watched this show, but back then she wasn’t as focused on politics or world events as much as the events under her roof.

Archer chuckling quiet now, she’s ready for bed and pulls out a book. She can hear clattering plastic dishes as he he prepping his lunch for tomorrow and putting away the rest of the chicken. He finishes up and she knows he wants to do the nightly ritual of connect time and go to bed well after she’s asleep. There is no talk of finance or house repairs or job prospects. No chatter about kid issues or upcoming business trips. They act like teenagers and just gaze and ogle and smile. They review the number of wake-ups and three seems like a small number in any other area of life, but in week number whatever-thousand it feels like you’re barely half way through a marathon.

“I love you, love love.”

She closes the laptop and when she wakes up there are only two more wake ups.

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