Family Social Time

Talking to my 78 year old dad about Skype, Zoom or basic video calling is like explaining to a 15 year old how to balance a checkbook. They understand it actually exists, but really want nothing to do with the whole thing. My 20’something boys have no issues randomly video chatting during the day. To them, it’s nearly second nature now although they will set me down on the counter while they cook dinner or clean so that I’m staring at the ceiling, but hey, we’re still connected.

I was supposed to fly home today for the first time since Thanksgiving but the world is a little upside down with COVID-19. I didn’t actually cancel my flight, but Delta made the decision for me earlier this week although I already knew that travel was not the smartest decision right now. What would I do when I arrived back to my hometown? Yes, I would see my dad, my grown boys and my sis and her fam. We would get takeout from some of my favorite spots and I can almost taste the salsa from Margarita’s now. The barbeque in Kansas City is definitely tops in the country, but the mouthwatering authentic Mexican restaurants are what I crave.

No, I couldn’t fly home and I had my five minute pity party about that. I’ve focused my time today on looking for and reading only positive news to lift my spirits. All of the musical artists providing free online concerts throughout the day, and the many funny social media posts of how families are spending what is likely the most time they’ve ever spent together at home with zero extracurricular activities. I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel for not having to dash to school and sports and dance and, and, and… This reconnect time for them must be an experience they’ve never fully realized and the creativity is showing online!

Now, if I could only get my dad to understand and embrace a video call, but I will take what I can get. At least he texts now so that’s a start!

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